Liz currently works on a diverse portfolio of activities which includes broadcasting, journalism, public affairs consultancy and lecturing.
She remains committed to diversity in politics and business and is an advocate on gender equity and women's participation in public life and politics.

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Liz O'Donnell engages in a wide variety of charitable works and fundraising as well as her expansive portfolio of activities relating to the media, broadcasting and journalism, public affairs consultancy and advocacy work as well being involved in Celebrity Apprentice, a six part tv series for TV3 where she acts as an advisor in the Boardroom to Caroline Downey.

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Liz also constantly strives to champion the cause of women in both the private sector and in politics within Ireland and abroad as well as being a passionate advocate of diversity. She is a member of the Board Diversity Initiative. She is a supporter of Women for Election which has been established to support and mentor aspiring female politicians.

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